Sales Authority Blueprint Cheat Sheet
(the five stages your customer needs to move through to see you as THE Sales Authority)
You're so close to discovering...
✔ What people need to know BEFORE they become a customer
✔ The secret to getting prospects to find you instead of the other way around
✔ How research plays a role in getting visible
What Jeremy DeMerchant,
THE sales authority for building sales teams and sales-driven businesses...
 says about building your sales authority:
 "Sales Authority is one of the most vital yet overlooked building blocks in developing a sales process. Neglecting it will leave you with prospects trying to nickel and dime you, not wanting to pay you what you’re worth, and keeping you the best-kept secret in your industry. Mastering Sales Authority will allow your prospects to see you as THE expert in your field and have the same level of confidence in your offerings as they do with those from companies like Apple and Nike."
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Developed by the Sales Authority ← that's Jeremy!
Hi, I’m Jeremy DeMerchant, founder of Permission To Sell Consulting Group and the creator of the Sales Authority Blueprint. I’ve spent over 20 years in sales, converting prospects into clients for industry giants like AT&T, London Life Insurance and Royal Bank of Canada, selling premium products with up to a 6-figure price tag, and in some cases in volumes of well-over $1.3MM/month. 
"I had the pleasure of having Jeremy coach my sales team and truthfully the results were excellent. Plus my wife was very impressed and that is impressive in of itself. I totally back his training programs and professionalism." - Todd Holmes
"After my first meeting with Jeremy, I was blown away! He has a brilliant mind and thought process that made me see things more simply and more achievable. All this with a constant source of positive energy, strategic and implementation ideas. I was pumped up and felt empowered just talking to him! I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone, at any level!" - Lisa Ann Robinson
"Jeremy has a great personality for a business coach with the right balance of humour, reliability and compassion for his clients! He “opens to hood up” in your sales process to help you understand what you need to do in order to improve your close ratio by being mindful of your prospect’s mindset. Thrilled to have Jeremy on the coaching team for the Ottawa Business Club! I highly recommend Jeremy DeMerchant as your business coach so you can start to get uncomfortable and get results!" - Paul Arnold
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